Learning & Development

Providing opportunities for our colleagues to continuously learn and develop their skills is a top priority as more engaged people deliver better results which in turn improves the business for our customers.

For colleagues leading a function, there might be the opportunity to complete an MBA in Leadership and Strategy. We also partner with a number of different providers to provide training and learning opportunities related to leadership, capabilities and strategic imperatives. Things that fall into these categories would include the various different apprenticeship programmes that Whirlpool supports, plus various different training interventions related to project management and business management.

One of the tools that we have within the business to help support our growth and development at Whirlpool is a learning platform called WeLEARN.


The platform is a key part of our global learning strategy for our employees. It is digital and user friendly and an opportunity to access on demand learning content in order to build skills and to collaborate with others in the business.

We believe that during this time as a society, continually learning and staying connected is critical and so WeLearn helps to make learning not only easy and meaningful, but a rewarding social activity also. Colleagues can share what they are reading, watching or listening to with others. Thus, allowing employees to benefit from resources ranging from cooking tips to a great video about collaborating across cultures, all invaluable information for a global organisation such as ours.

The WeLearn program has a huge focus on Wellbeing too, prioritising peer to peer learning and sharing in this space. However, the focus really is on our colleagues  and their own personal and professional development.

As technology continues to drive change in the workplace, new skills are the key to our ongoing success. There can be specific classroom based training, on the job training, mentoring experiences which provide lots of learning, and things like reading and keeping up to date with industry specifics.

The best way for our colleagues to learn will often depend on a number of factors including the work that they do and their preferred style of learning. In most cases it is a combination of different types at different stages of their learning journeys but everyone is never too old to learn something new.