The heart of our culture at Whirlpool has always been our people, which has guided us for 112 years and will continue to do so even in the changes in which we all live and work today. When all aspects of our wellbeing are in balance we are able to thrive both at work and in our personal lives.

We recognise that each of our colleagues has specific needs, goals, expectations, and challenges in life.

We are committed to providing holistic support to empower & encourage all our colleagues to be*well in all aspects of improving life at home and work.

What is be*well?

Our be*well initiative is to recognise that every one of our colleagues has their own individual journey. It ensures that we provide them with the tools and resources to help them as well as their family on a path to being well.

Well-being isn’t just about our physical or emotional health. Our wellbeing is impacted by our physical, mental, social, financial, and occupational, and personal needs.

Our be*well program looks at wellbeing holistically. The be*well spark has 6 pathways that represent all areas of wellbeing and how they are all connected:

Be Balanced – Staying emotionally healthy by balancing home, work, and play helps us live a more fulfilling life.

Be Curious – Learning enhances our career development and creates confidence in our lives. Growth shapes our work and life for the better.

Be Prepared – Planning helps us achieve our short- and long-term financial goals. A simple plan can help us live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Be Connected – Building social and inclusive relationships helps us contribute and communicate. We are better when we can be heard, valued, respected, and welcomed.

Be Healthy – Managing our physical health goals by staying fit allows us to live a healthy, happy life.

Be You – Being your true self is ultimately your choice. Your journey to self care leads to a genuine, meaningful life that is happier and healthier.