Keeping Real Lives Running

At Whirlpool, we are in constant pursuit of improving life at home. That’s why we commissioned a study in December 2020 to understand how lives had changed in the last year due to Covid-19 and associated restrictions.

Our report found that nearly six in ten UK adults were spending on average an extra 7.6 hours at home each day, equating to over two extra days at home per week.

Amidst the hardships, challenges and uncertainty, it was heartening to see some silver linings as new dynamics and habits emerged. This included finding more time for exercise and hobbies, sharing chores, spending more time with loved ones, and a third of people finding a new appreciation for their homes.

Our appliances keep life at home running and with people spending more time there we were proud to launch our ‘Improving Life at Home’ online hub, bringing together expert advice from across our brands and world-leading happiness expert Meik Wiking.

Through this, we are playing our part in helping people keep their positive habits up, by bringing together the best of our advice-led content to help people make the most of life at home.